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Kent Cartridge TK7 Penetrator 12 Gauge Ammunition 3″ Shell #7 Tungsten Shot 1-5/8oz 1100 fps



Bring Home That Tom With Kent Cartridges

Kent Cartridge has an extensive line of quality lead free ammunition for hunting Turkey. Tungsten shot provides exceptional integrity and superior ballistic capability and ultra high quality performance. Tungsten is perfect for turkey or any hunting where lead is prohibited. Next time you take to the field, take the ‘drop dead’ capability of Kent Cartridge Tungsten with you.

Kent Cartridge TK7 Penetrator 12 Gauge Ammunition Specifications and Features:

  • Manufacturers Number T123TK467
  • 12 Gauge
  • #7 Shot
  • High-Quality Tungsten Shot
  • 38% greater density than lead
  • Maximum terminal performance
  • High pellet count
  • Managed Recoil
  • Muzzle Velocity 1100 fps
  • Uses Turkey Hunting
  • 5 Round Box
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